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AKC Great Pyrenees Dogs


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 We have been raising livestock and Great Pyrenees for  over thirty years. They are one of the greatest of all livestock guardian dogs.  He is a guard dog by instinct, not by training.  They were bred to work naturally, not bred to take commands.  He is sometimes referred to as the "gentle giant" who guards effectively without being overly aggressive. 

    Originally the Great Pyrenees was used in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, to guard flocks of sheep,   but today is used to guard not only sheep, goats, horses ,but also farm-raised deer.

          The livestock guardian dog is neither a hunter nor a shepherd, but he shows a protective attitude toward his stock and will fend off predators upon the animals he considers his own property.


          The Pyrenees is a guarding breed and consequently, it is only natural that he cannot be expected to welcome unwelcome visitors. Although he will not attack, his very size and demeanor can be intimidating to people as well as predators. He  works to protect his territory from predatory dangers, such as stray dogs, coyotes and visiting whitetails.


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